Frequently Asked Questions: Why are there straws in Yakult packaging?

We are often asked why we have straws in our 10-pack of Yakult; majority of the time it is in relation to environmental concerns. Due to the tight seal of the foil cap on the Yakult bottles to prevent the risk of contamination, some people may find it difficult to open. Realising this is an … Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions: Why are there straws in Yakult packaging?”

Keep it Cold

We hear many interesting stories from consumers about how they are including a bottle of Yakult in their daily routine. Incorporating it into a morning breakfast smoothie, with an after-school snack and as part of the nightly setting-the-dinner-table routine are some great examples. One of the most common stories we hear from children and parents … Continue reading “Keep it Cold”

Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope you had a wonderful time welcoming the new year. With all the partying, foods and drinks to celebrate, it can be overwhelming for your gut. Here are a few tips to help get your gut back on track: 1. Drink plenty of fluids With all the festivities, it is easy to have a … Continue reading “Happy New Year Everyone!”

Seasons Greeting

We hope you have been enjoying our Christmas packaging on our 10-packs of Yakult this month!From all of us here at Yakult Australia, we hope your festive season is filled with joy.

Science Talent Search Winners

  Recently our Education Coordinator attended the 66th Science Talent Search (STS) Exhibition & Presentation Day. Yakult has been a Major Sponsor of the (STS) for the last decade. The Science Talent Search aims to encourage interest in the study and communication of science for primary and secondary school students. It promotes student involvement to … Continue reading “Science Talent Search Winners”

Congratulations to our…

  The winners of the Yakult Bottle Cap counting competition from Inside Matters Issue 30 are: Nick Wendy Ray Russell R.C Brendan Aubrey Domenica Irene Jean Gayle G.P Ann Annmaree Eva Will Chris The correct answer was 30 Yakult Bottle Caps. Winners please check your emails and get back to us with your postal address … Continue reading “Congratulations to our…”

Enter to WIN!

This competition was drawn on the 8th November 2017, please see the above blog post for our WINNERS! To enter our competition, simply count the number of bottle caps (or parts of) and send us your answer. You go in the draw to win a limited edition Yakult Sherrin PVC 20cm mini yellow Bombers football … Continue reading “Enter to WIN!”

Which Kombucha are you Talking About?

Kombucha has gained much popularity among Australians in recent times. The Kombucha we are talking about here is the slightly sweet and tart fizzy drink created by fermenting a sugar-sweetened tea with a mixture of bacteria and yeast known as SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). It has been hailed for its healing properties. … Continue reading “Which Kombucha are you Talking About?”

Did you know? Environmental considerations are made ‘Every Day’ at Yakult Australia!

Yakult makes a conscious effort to ensure the manufacturing process creates as little waste as possible and we endeavour to reduce the amount of energy our factory needs to run efficiently. Here is a list of just a few things we do! Effective waste management strategies contribute to a cleaner and less wasteful facility – … Continue reading “Did you know? Environmental considerations are made ‘Every Day’ at Yakult Australia!”