Celebrating All Teachers

This year has been a year like no other. On behalf of Yakult we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude and support to the amazing teachers in Australia and New Zealand. You are not just essential workers but exceptional ones! Yakult Education offers a range of learning resources, online talks, and guided virtual manufacturing … Continue reading “Celebrating All Teachers”

Yakult in Space – Celebrating World Space Week 4th-10th October

International Space Station with Yakult

Aside from the obvious dangers that come with space travel, astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS) also have their health to worry about. Being in a microgravity environment for long periods of time takes its toll on the residents of the ISS. It has been found that astronauts have reduced immunity, weakened bones and … Continue reading “Yakult in Space – Celebrating World Space Week 4th-10th October”

COVID Safe Business

Yakult Australia is pleased to confirm registration as a COVID safe business – an initiative developed the NSW government. As a COVID safe business, Yakult is committed to serving the community whilst maintaining utmost hygiene and safety precautions. For further information regarding the COVID safe business initiative, please click here. We wish our consumers health, … Continue reading “COVID Safe Business”

Bento Box Activity

Winter holidays are upon us. Needing some school holiday lunch inspo? Our nutrition team have created a step-by-step explainer video, outlining how to build a balanced bento box at home. Be sure to involve your little ones in their food choices and bento assembling! Who said lunches can’t be healthy and fun? Be sure to … Continue reading “Bento Box Activity”

World Food Safety Day 2020

Sunday June 5th marks the second celebration of World Food Safety Day. This is a  day instated by the United Nations to draw attention to the prevention, detection, and management of Food Safety. Food risks, globally, can be minimised by ensuring appropriate food safety measures are taken by governments, businesses, and producers worldwide. At Yakult … Continue reading “World Food Safety Day 2020”

Yakult website now available in Mandarin and Vietnamese

Yakult Australia is pleased to announce our website is now available in Mandarin and Vietnamese languages. To translate from default English, select “CN” or “VN” displayed on the top right hand corner. We hope our readership will enjoy the translated versions of our website. Happy reading! 您可以从我们的网站获取更多信息 hưởng thụ!

How you can make prebiotics and probiotics the star of snack time!

2020 is shaping up to be a very different year. With most of us home together as a family, there comes a need for almost every snack and meal to be homemade (send help!) ? To help uncover some new snack-time inspiration, we’ve created an interactive activity to get the kids involved and make fruit, … Continue reading “How you can make prebiotics and probiotics the star of snack time!”

INSIDE MATTERS- ISSUE 34: Our last paper printed edition

Our latest and final printed issue of Inside Matter is online now! This edition of Yakult Australia’s biannual newsletter, Inside Matters, offers insight into our recent renovations at our Dandenong facility and tips from our in-house Nutrition team. The team debunks the myths surrounding immunity and gut health in response to the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19 … Continue reading “INSIDE MATTERS- ISSUE 34: Our last paper printed edition”

Renewed Yakult Factory

After several months of renovations, our revised factory viewing facility was unveiled March this year. Devised by Studio Jigen, the futuristic and innovative design encompasses modernistic graphics and pastels against clean, light filled spaces. If we dare say so – our factory looks pretty good! Click on the video below for a before and after comparison. … Continue reading “Renewed Yakult Factory”