Can Probiotics Permanently Alter Your Gut Bacteria?

As probiotic interest continues to grow, so too does the confusion regarding the role of probiotics. This blog aims to address the misconception that probiotics permanently alter the composition of your gut bacteria and explains how probiotics can be of benefit, including tips for maintaining gut health. A healthy gut composition is characterised by adequate … Continue reading “Can Probiotics Permanently Alter Your Gut Bacteria?”

Yakult School Holiday Program

Yakult Australia have launched a Yakult School Holiday Program for the first time this year. The program was initially trialled during the April school holidays and when the program was officially launched later in the year and advertised on our social media pages, it was an absolute success. The Yakult School Holiday Program was fully … Continue reading “Yakult School Holiday Program”

Are All Fermented Foods a Probiotic?

“Probiotic” is a term used frequently (and loosely) in this era obsessed with gut health. It appears that any fermented food item earns the title “Probiotic”. However, the classification of an actual probiotic is much more specific than this. For a fermented food item to be classified as a true probiotic it must meet the … Continue reading “Are All Fermented Foods a Probiotic?”

How do you stay active in Winter?

It’s easy to feel inspired to get active in Spring and Summer; the longer, sunnier days provide the perfect setting for games of cricket in the park, swimming at the beach or late evening walks. The thought of taking shorts or swimwear out of winter storage can be a big motivator for taking extra interest … Continue reading “How do you stay active in Winter?”

To multi-strain, or to single strain, that is the question…

Growing interest in gut health has increased the demand and variety of probiotic products available in Australia. Unfortunately, with the rise in popularity of probiotics, the ‘more is better’ mentality has started to catch on, leading to the impression that multi-strain probiotics are more effective than single strains. Products advertising multiple probiotic strains in their … Continue reading “To multi-strain, or to single strain, that is the question…”

Probus Club Visit

Yakult loves suppoting communities as it is our mission to contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world. One of the ways we do this is by visiting community groups to promote healthy living through FREE nutrition education sessions. Our Dietitians provide health and nutrition talks and encourage groups to come visit … Continue reading “Probus Club Visit”

Yakult at Diabetes Expo

We were given an opportunity to exhibit at the Diabetes Expo, held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Victoria on the 27th April. Thank you to everyone who visited and gave us feedback! The most common feedback we received from attendees who visited us was that they have never tasted Yakult LIGHT, unaware … Continue reading “Yakult at Diabetes Expo”

An Interest with the Gut

Our gut and the bacteria that live there play a bigger part in our health then we ever imagined! Research is beginning to uncover that our gut bacteria is an organ which can influence many of our body systems. More than 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates the father of modern medicine suggested that ‘all disease begins … Continue reading “An Interest with the Gut”

Continuing our partnership with the Melbourne Rebels

(Photo: Rebels full-back Dane Haylett-Petty, Yakult Director David Whatley, Yakult Managing Director Kenji Ono, Rebels CEO Baden Stephenson, Rebels scrum-half Will Genia, Rebels centre Bill Meakes. Credit: Melbourne Rebels) Yakult Australia are excited to extend their commitment with the Melbourne Rebels for a further two years, after an already successful seven-year partnership. “We are delighted … Continue reading “Continuing our partnership with the Melbourne Rebels”

Yakult Enters 15th Year With Essendon

(Photo: Yakult Director David Whatley, Essendon CEO Xavier Campbell, Yakult Managing Director Kenji Ono. Credit: Essendon Football Club) Yakult Australia are proud to announce that we have extended our partnership with the Essendon Football Club in 2019, signing on as a premier partner and official match-ball partner once again. As Yakult enters it’s 15th consecutive … Continue reading “Yakult Enters 15th Year With Essendon”