Gut Feeling

Remember that feeling of nervousness before a big event such as your wedding day or before that big race. Perhaps sending shivers down your body and that feeling of butterflies in your stomach. Have you wondered about why you get that fluttering feeling in your stomach from an emotion? Your gut and your brain are … Continue reading “Gut Feeling”

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, also commonly known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, is celebrated all around the world. The common New Year greeting in Mandarin Chinese is “Xin Nian Kuai Le” which literally means “Happy New Year”. Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar and thus there is no set date for … Continue reading “Happy Chinese New Year”

Festive Cheer

During this festive season, enjoy a bottle of quality probiotics with your favourite festive foods and stay healthy! Yakult Australia wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Grab a pack of Yakult with our limited-edition Christmas packaging and share them with your loved ones this season. Looking for holiday activities? Why not schedule a … Continue reading “Festive Cheer”

Inside Matters- Issue 32: Learn where our Yakult Bottle shape comes from

Yakult Australia’s biannual newsletter, Inside Matters, is produced for our followers to keep up-to-date with the latest news about what’s happening at our Dandenong factory and information on Yakult and probiotics. Featuring in our Summer issue is the history of Yakult’s unique shaped bottle after it was recently spotted in a Netflix film. Also, in this … Continue reading “Inside Matters- Issue 32: Learn where our Yakult Bottle shape comes from”

Fresh new website design

If you are reading this, you have no doubt already noticed the exciting fresh new look of our website. As advertised in our August blog, you can now submit an online booking request for a factory tour or talk and all our resources are available for you to download and print from our Free Education … Continue reading “Fresh new website design”

Are you getting the real deal?

September 2018  Yakult was the first probiotic fermented milk drink of its kind to be introduced to Australians back in 1994. Since then, many copy-cat products have appeared which have caused confusion to many shoppers. Yakult only makes Yakult branded products and do not make any of the copy-cat versions. While Yakult differs from the … Continue reading “Are you getting the real deal?”

Watch This Space!

August 2018 We are currently working on massive update to the looks of our current website! Keeping in line with the branding of Yakult, we hope the new website will provide you with a fresh look that is clean, professional, yet fun and user-friendly. You will soon be able to submit a detailed booking request … Continue reading “Watch This Space!”

Spot the Difference- Answers

Did you spot all seven differences in our previous and current packs from last month’s blog? We have updated our packaging to align with global branding of Yakult and to ensure our packaging is in line with the latest Australia food labeling requirements. Take a look at the answers below! Regardless of the changes in … Continue reading “Spot the Difference- Answers”

Can you Spot the Difference?

Recently we received a delivery of display Yakult packs from all around the world which allowed us to update our display cabinet in the Yakult Head Office foyer. Our manufacturing factory in Dandenong, Victoria produces Yakult for all of Australia and New Zealand. We regularly update our packs to keep up to date with Australian … Continue reading “Can you Spot the Difference?”